Sunday, 21 November 2010

Leaf Mould and Compost

Over the last 2/3 weeks, when the weather has permitted I've collected up as many fallen leaves as possible. Not content with those in the garden, with Management's help we have cleared up the footpath behind the house and a section of the lane at the side. We filled one of the builders' bulk bags three times and the only thing which made moving it bearable was the knowledge that in a year or so the contents would have metamorphosed into the most wonderful soil conditioner available.

Sunday before last I took the lawnmower out onto the green behind the back fence and collected fallen leaves from the grass, the Council have stopped grass-cutting for the year so no-one else was going to move them :}>

Not content with public grass cutting, I also cleared moss and mud build up from one of the footpaths. There seems to be an unspoken tradition here that some householders keep the section of path behind their own gardens clear and that works well except for our elderly immediate neighbour who has as little to do with the outdoors as possible. The path had become unsafe, slippery and virtually impassable, but the four barrow-loads of muck I took off it have added beautifully to the huge grass-clippings bin!

Another session this morning, and I've probably now collected as much as I am going to get this year. Bag End now houses ten compost bins by the Log Store, of which six are full of leaves, plus Compostus Binus Magnificentus in the Coppice. Space has already been mentally allocated for a couple more at some point in the future - this is a big garden and I doubt I will ever be able to make more compost than I need.


  1. Absolutely Jill - if homemade compost is black gold, then leafmold {sp?} must be pure platinum.

    Now snow here, you are welcome to keep ALL of yours on your side of the Pennines!


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