Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Last Supper

After a busy day emptying kitchen cupboards (and in the process, temporarily trashing the sewing room, hall and spare room) it was time to fix an easy-to-cook dinner. The last time I have to wait for the stupid electric rings to struggle up to temperature, last time I have to use the horrid little oven with an unreliable thermostat and a door which won't close properly.

The kitchen has taken on that horrible unlived in 'moving house' feeling - all empty and echoing.

For the next couple of days tea and coffee will come from the utility room - it's a bit like being in a holiday cottage with a really small kitchen. Management is taking us out to dinner tomorrow night so the question of how to cook a meal with 6" of worksurface doesn't arise, bless him.

Won't be for long and as I was keen to point out to Hazel whilst she lived amongst builders' rubble and chaos: it will all be worth it in the end!

The planned pre-rennovation painting didn't get further than filling holes and masking edges.


  1. and think how wonderful it's going to feel as you put everything back in to a shiny new kitchen adn cook your first meal in/on your shiny new range.

  2. Woo hoo, a new kitchen, you lucky thing, I'm pea green with envy and can't wait to see what you've chosen!

  3. Thanks girls, going very well so far.

    SewAli - not a completely new kitchen, just a major refurb. It would not be right to throw away perfectly good cupboards with solid wood doors, "all" we are having done this time around is new cooker, hob, sink and worktops - oh, and some of the cupboards get relocated in order to fit the cooker in.

  4. Now you'll be torn between looking at the wildlife out of the window, and admiring your shiny new range cooker... Decisions, decisions!


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