Thursday, 18 November 2010

Kitchen: that will do for now

And that will do very nicely, thank you!

A couple of coats of white emulsion makes a huge difference. Still have a little more to do (curtains, get extractor plumbed in) but this is a vast improvement.

Decision reached on cooker - after seeing a photograph of the scratch, supplier is writing to confirm that it is only cosmetic and not deep enough to compromise the strength of the ceramic glass hob. That will be a useful bit of paper to keep safely if we have a problem in the future and they offered some £££ as an apology. Am impressed with Appliances Online and wouldn't hesitate to use them in future, any fool can set up a web site and sell appliances cheaply, but the service from this company has been excellent.

Kitchen christened last night when Sewali and the Lumberjack came to supper. Lovely to see them both and great to have a cooker I could trust in order to try and produce an edible supper, although it might take me a while to learn which button controls which bit of the cooker!


  1. Nice to see the kitchen in daylight rather than that nasty tungsten {g}

    Looks much fresher thanks to the white emulsion - enjoy.

  2. Lovely - well done to all! You've managed to keep the kitchen warm whilst freshening it up. Have you worked out which knob does what on the range yet? {gg} I suspect a burnt pan or two before you're used to it if you're like me!

    It's amazing how quickly the space on the worktops fills up again, isn't it? Flooring being fitting for me on Mon/Tues which means I'll be spending a lot of the weekend emptying everthing out of mine again - back to the fridge in the office etc etc...

  3. I hear that cooker makes a wonderful lamb shank casserole. Glad you had a good time with Sewali and that the kitchen is done for now.

  4. Looks great Bilbo and as James said, even better in daylight with all your bits and bobs back to make it look lived in!

  5. I can confirm that the lamb shank casserole was absolutely delicious, along with all the veg, mash and the summer pudding with clotted cream. Yum, yum, yum!!! It's also looking very nice.

  6. That's better! Don't hold your breath on the knobs - 12 months on and I still get them wrong most days! Enjoy yourself testing it all out.

  7. What a wonderful job done on your kitchen. Looks like a great place to do some serious cooking!!

  8. James - doesn't the orange tint count as artistic-something-or-another {snortle}?

    Hazel - Management and I have a constant disagreement over wall colours. I like white - he doesn't. He was gracious enough on this occasion not to argue seeing as I spend more time in the kitchen than he does. Good luck with your flooring, bet you can't wait!

    QuiltSue, it was lovely to have SewAli and the Lumberjack come to supper, your turn next?

    Jill - trying not to make it look too lived in (ie: as untidy as usual)

    SewAli - have already written to you privately!

    CB - 12 months, huh? No hope for me then.

    FFG - please can I have another 12 hours per day if you expect serious cooking?


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