Friday, 26 November 2010

House Guests

Harry & Bethan's Two-legs have had to go away for the weekend and were not able to take their fur-babies with them. In a moment of either insanity or great weakness, I have not yet decided which :}>, the obvious thing was to suggest they came to stay at Bag End until Monday.

I made beds for them as soon as they arrived into which they settled immediately. Neither look particularly distressed to be away from their home and Mum & Dad.

They have spent the morning supervising in the garden and as soon as I've had some lunch we'll go for today's walk.


  1. Harry & Bethan recognise a nice treat when they see it. I suspect they'll get more attention this weekend than they would normally at home.

  2. They certainly look comfy and happy. Don't spoil them too much.

  3. Extremely relaxed indeed - home from home I'd say, and as many mice as Bethan can find... Life doesn't get much better!

  4. They look extremely clean and fluffy! Have they been in your new bathroom lol!


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