Thursday, 11 November 2010


A neighbour has just had a new patio laid and someone overcalculated the amount of sharp sand needed. Neighbour is a neat & tidy sort of chap and desperately wanted rid of the surplus. On Tuesday the builders' merchant who was taking away a spare pallet of paving slabs picked up the sand and brought it down the road to us.

We were expecting a couple of barrow loads - not a nearly full bag :}>

On Wednesday Keith came to work on the paved areas by the bottom and middle gates. It was apparent early on that the slabs we had surplus from other work would only be enough for one area. Fortunately, a couple of weeks ago our farmer friend EJ offered me a load of second-hand paving slabs that were cluttering his yard.

Drove down to the farm to see what would fit in the back of my car and discovered that the supply of "small slabs" had been added to - considerably. EJ had added about 30 huge 2" thick paving slabs to the pile. As they wouldn't fit in my car, EJ and Keith loaded a small trailer which turned up at the bottom of our drive half an hour later.

(The same thing happened Thursday too, and we've barely made a dent on the available supply. This means we will be able to put a path along the back of the house, and slabs in front of both the shed and greenhouse much sooner than we had anticipated.)

The "little ones" that came home in Hattie.

And the final gift for Wednesday was this view.

Our first snow of the winter fell on Tuesday but wasn't visible until the clouds lifted.


  1. You're really getting into this recycling malarkey! Sounds like you've got some pretty good neighbours too :o).

  2. What great enighbours you have.

    The view is beautiful, but I don't really want to think about snow yet. I'm sure it was only about a month ago that last winter ended!

  3. Thanks girls, yes - lovely neighbours.

    It's not all take, take, take - we gave the truck driver a few quid to say thank you and a good bottle of wine to Peter for the sand (he said he would have paid us to take it away!)

    I have offered EJ £££ for the paving slabs and he has said he will accept is diesel money. Rest assured there will be more than 'diesel money' in an envelope when we've finished tidying his farmyard!

  4. A view to die for. When I see images such as this, it makes me realise why I love this small country of ours so very much.

    Love all your 'freebies' You are a lucky girl to be given them but I do not envy you the task of laying them. Hope it goes well.


  5. Thank you Cheryl, I assure you I will not be laying those slabs, they weigh a ton. It is a job for Wayne and Keith along with numerous others we have for them.

  6. That's what village life is like though eh? People are so friendly. I'm sure they are in towns too but you know fewer of them.

  7. Very true VH. When we had the "Big Bonfire" that you came to we had been here 9 months. Already knew more people than in 9 years at our previous house.


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