Sunday, 17 October 2010

Fedge progress

Having a mad retail moment in September left me with a large quantity of lovely Viburnum Tinus.

We also had a long empty bed which needed planting. Our aim was for a windbreak that would also provide shelter for birds and insects. The Viburnum fits the bill perfectly - evergreen, compact growth, flowers at a time when there is little else around, scented.

I tried to add some of the snowdrops saved last Spring which have been living in one of the raised beds but they were already making lots of new growth and moving them would have created too much disturbance. I'll have to get my timing right next year and relocate them just after they have flowered. I was given some Lily of the Valley earlier in the year which filled the space instead, LotV can be invasive once it gets established but confining it to a raised bed should keep it where I want it.

With the addition of the Heuchera I've accidentally created a white border - ooh er - Sissinghurst anyone?

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