Sunday, 28 November 2010

But will it get any colder?

We've been having fun watching the readings on our new weather station, but as the evening progressed last night I started to doubt its accuracy.

Must work out a way of photographing it better.

The temperature continued to fall, and fall and fall. By 10.30 it appeared to be -11 outside - yes, MINUS ELEVEN. I didn't believe it and wanted to get the max/min thermometer out of the greenhouse as a control - but the g/h door was frozen shut :{

This morning we had a look at the Cockermouth School weather station, they hit -8.4 last night. Although the school is on the edge of town we are more exposed. Given that friends in less rural locations also went below -8, maybe -11 is correct. (The greenhouse went to -5.8)

But it is so very beautiful ...

That ruddy conifer in the foreground is going to have to go ...

Close-up of Grasmoor

Skiddaw group

The cold has prompted a discussion about car tyres which Management and I started last year and never finished. It is time for Hattie the Honda to have a set of winter tyres. Himself has been researching this all morning for me and the consensus appears to be that if the temperature is going to be below 7.0C then winter tyres are better than "regular" ones. Changing tyres twice a year is the norm for Scandinavian countries who are used to this sort of weather, I think it will give me much more confidence driving around the National Park in winter. Now "all" I have to do is find some in the right size ... which is easier said than done.


  1. We had this very discussion a couple of days ago about winter tyres and I believe that they are compulsary (not just the norm) in quite a few European countries.

    It's not worth the hassle/expense down here for the number of miles I do (and of course, it's that bit warmer down here anyway, and the urban area gains a degree or two also), but given the av. temps that you are likely to continue with in a northern, rural setting, I'd say it was a good move for you. (now let's see us have the warmest winter in living memory! {gg})

  2. Hazel, if my purchasing winter tyres means we DO NOT have another big freeze like last year then I'll be quite happy!

  3. Following on from your "conversation" with Hazel, please hurry up and buy them - it's snowing again here and I don't like it!

  4. Dear QS - I'm working on it, kiddo, I'm working on it!!!


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