Saturday, 27 November 2010

Behind the scenes - outside

Behind the scenes there's been quite a lot going on over the last month.

Management's workshop and storage garage now have proper lighting and power. As nothing at Bag End is ever simple, this necessitated a new consumer unit and copious other electrical supplies.

The outside lighting has finally been upgraded as winter approaches with the speed of locomotive engine no.5972 (go on, look it up). We've now got PIR controlled lights for the driveway, the very dark steps up to the main door, and across the back of the house. In the unlikely event I might want to, I can get to the log store or compost bin in the dark and see where I am going.

The new consumer unit doesn't just support motorbike illumination - the shed now has light and power sockets with plenty of spare capacity. At some point in the future, should we want to, it will be easy to add electrics to the greenhouse but for now I have settled on more lights - one over the shed door and one which shines on the greenhouse.

Whilst we have employed a lovely and highly recommended electrician, he does have two problems. One is the perennial contractor inability to properly schedule his work; one Wednesday he said "I won't be back tomorrow and Friday, got 2 days work to finish elsewhere, see you after the weekend". He turned up again a fortnight later ....

His other problem is inability to tidy up after himself. I am putting off going into the loft to straighten things up until he's done some other work inside the house but this week's task was to try and restore order to the shed. I keep telling myself I only have to do this once, thank Dog :}>

He also managed to traipse mud over large parts of the shed floor, therefore not only did I have to spend hours putting things back in place (had to move much stuff in order for him to lay cables, fit the new fuse box etc) but I also had to clean the old and very useful bit of carpet which covers the shed floor. James has already made cheeky comments about "only you could vacuum and wash the shed floor" so no-one else needs to! This is what the water looked like after Red Betty had been over it:

Actually - it looked much worse than this, Red Betty may never be the same again.


  1. That'll be Brown Betty then? James is right about only you cleaning a shed carpet

  2. The previous owners of our house had some old carpet on the garage floor, and it's wonderful - just enough to take the edge off the cold of the concrete floor. I do sweep it sometimes but I draw the line at cleaning it!

  3. CB - behave!

    Roddie - I should have taken the "before" photo, then np-one would have been surprised why the carpet had to be cleaned.

  4. Ha! I am not fooled - especially without a 'before' pic!

    My carpet cleaner is in regular use (due to my ability to dribble tea/gravy on the carpets and having two revolting cats) and always produces that colour water. Even MY house cannot be constantly that filthy, so at least some of the grubby water colour is from the carpet dye...

  5. PS Very glad that you've had the outside lighting done - much safer.

  6. so at least some of the grubby water colour is from the carpet dye...

    if only that was the case. Sorry Hazel, this was mud - a thick layer traipsed in from the door to the far back corner every single time he went in and out of the shed, and that was AFTER he'd given his feet a cursory wipe on the mat!

  7. OK, I won't say it then! It sounds as though this phase (no. 136, I think?) of making Bag End properly habitable, might be coming to an end.

  8. sounds as though this phase ... might be coming to an end.

    Oh I do hope so Sue, I really do hope so! Ready to focus on other things now :}>

  9. Hi Bilbo, workman drive me crazy. The time issue is always the same with them. Our roof should have taken a took five weeks. Ha!

    What is wrong with carpet on the shed floor. I have a rug on mine and a hoover in the shed, which I would not be without. It's a womans thing, I think!!

  10. The Management must be in his element with his newly lit shed.
    Have you had to enforce a curfew for how long he's allowed to play outside for? {wink}

  11. I think I would have replaced the shed carpet with another offcut, I've got plenty in the loft! You've given me an idea ...

  12. Nic, sorry to disappoint you but I've got the brightly lit shed, Management who has heated workshops! There is no curfew, he can play out there as long as he likes :}

    SewAli - sounds like good recycling.


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