Saturday, 27 November 2010

Behind the scenes - inside

The plumber left Bag End in August and using the new room is fantastic, but it seems to be taking me forever to finish up small jobs like reinstalling the window blind and fitting the bath panel. Good job I held off on that panel - found a leak from the corner of the shower screen which would have been hidden if I'd actually extracted the digit and completed the job. As we were already slightly dubious about the plumber we used, the trusty Wayne was drafted in to remove the glass screen, seal everything properly and reassemble it. That was when he noticed a problem with the bottom row of tiles - hardly shows in daylight but they'll be coming off and replaced with something which (hopefully) matches the rest of the wall.

Still need to go into the priest hole and sort out some under-floor insulation plus foam insulation on the pipework.

Eventually Glen will come back to fit a mega-powerful extractor fan plus new lighting but I've stopped wondering when that will be ...

Have managed to squeeze a quart into a pint-pot (the room is only 6 ft square) and Sue's gorgeous basket fits perfectly.

Room with a view?

Not easy to photograph with this much contrast and I'm not messing around with different exposures and combining two images.

Our two homes prior to Bag End were new-builds purchased directly from the developer, nice houses in good locations which thousands of people would have been thrilled to live in. I disliked both for their newness, lack of character and absence of soul, but they didn't require a lot in the way of maintenance and expense .... but they didn't have this sort of view in the evening either.


  1. Sorry to hear the plumber didn't live up to expectations. The new room looks good though and I know how nice it is to be using your own bathroom - not the one the previous inhabitants left their mark in!

  2. Hi CB, the plumber wasn't really that bad, and the room is still 1000% better than the pit we inherited!

  3. Well you could have switched to M mode and balanced some flash with the ambient... {snigger}

    As for finishing off, 95% of my conservatory was done in 2006, and yes, the remaining 5% is still waiting to be done. Your progress is lightning compared to my glacier.

  4. The bathroom is looking great, and what a view as you said.

  5. How bizarre that no-one noticed the tiles before, it's obvious in the photo that they're different, but they looked fine when we were there! We too are very slow at finishing the last bits of a job, witness the deck which still doesn't have proper steps or railings!

    I too wondered about fill-in flash ...

  6. fill-in flash

    Isn't it amazing what the human eye can do without us even realising it. No problems with uneven exposure until the camera comes to join in the fun :}>

    As for the tiles, very irritating, came from the same batch number as all the others, something Wayne is always very careful to check.

  7. Love the basin and the view. At least you are making some progress ,,,, all I get here is "I'll do it when I retire!" :-/


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