Thursday, 28 October 2010

Stealth quilting

Also known as drive-by piecing.

Once again, life, the Universe and what passes for normality at Bag End is not allowing a long sit-down session with the sewing machine. Instead, I'm sewing a few seams at a time on the blocks for James' baby quilt. Whilst the kettle is boiling I can get another half a dozen bits put together, whilst I drink the tea I can cut strips for the next section and in this way it is surprising how fast things grow.


  1. If you can get half a dozen bits put together whilst the kettle boils, you either have the world's slowest kettle, or you are extremely nimble with a needle! I would think it is the latter, actually. :)

    I love the bright colours - perfect!

  2. Hazel - don't know about extremely nimble {grin}, probably just a bit of experience and the fact that all the prep is done (which is often the time consuming bit).

    Bright? Oh yes, it's going to be bright!

  3. It must be finished by now then - or else you're not drinking enough fluids!

  4. Silly girl - not finished yet, I've been doing other things as well!


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