Saturday, 16 October 2010

Climate change?

It's only October for goodness sake, daffodils shouldn't be doing this.

More bulbs came up blind this spring than I would have liked and it's possible this was because they were not planted deep enough, easy solution to that is pile more soil on top of them.

The compost from our original huge bin in the Coppice is well rotted and usable so I shifted about 6 or 7 barrow loads and spread a layer between 2" - 3" thick over the whole bed. No digging - over time the worms will incorporate it all for me. It is hard to describe the satisfaction from being able to shift barrow after barrow of homemade compost - lovely stuff, I wonder if I will every be able to make enough for the garden?

Atkinsons delivered another bargain bulk bag of bark chips (try saying that in a hurry before coffee) and it took a surprisingly short amount of time to shift nearly all the bag and put a 4" layer over the compost. In the meantime, the robins and wrens who live around this hedge thought all their Christmas and birthdays had come at once and spent happy hours mugging the compost for worms and bugs.

A rare event indeed - a Bag End job started and finished in two days (actually, less than two days - 3 hours on Friday afternoon and the same on Saturday morning).


  1. We have a few native primrose flowers - apparently it isn't that rare to have plants fooled as the daylight hours at this time of year are similar to spring.

  2. Thanks GLA, the daylight hours thing makes sense.

  3. oh no, a long and maybe even interesting comment lost to blogger again! Love your composting. We have 8 bins but never enough.

  4. Thanks Elizabeth, always good to hear from you even if Blogger is not being helpful, the comments feature is fairly naff at present, isn't it? Currently, if I write a long comment for anyone I highlight & copy the text before I press "post comment" - at least that way I can get it back again if Blogger eats it {grin}

  5. The bulbs we have in the garden are doing the same thing and yesterday we were planting up the winter pots and those bulbs, which have been dried off and just sit in the cold frame all summer are also all shooting.

  6. Sue - you've done better than me! I don't think the winter pots are going to happen at this rate :}>


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