Sunday, 24 October 2010

Busy weekend

On Saturday, the cooker and extractor hood were delivered.

On Sunday the cooker was delivered again.

The first one had a tiny ding in the front and the excellent delivery men weren't having any of it - straight on the phone to supplier and a new one promised for the following day.

I have waited a very, very long time for this. This is the first time in over two decades I have actually been able to choose a cooker - my flat, our previous houses, the rental in Cockermouth - all had a cooker installed and none of them have been my choice. Regardless of how much I disliked them, it never seemed right to replace virtually brand-new appliances. As the oven & hob in situ at Bag End are crap and on their last legs, something new and indulgent could finally be justified. A lot went into selecting this, hopefully once it is fitted my cooking will live up to it :}>

Sink and taps have been here a few days, worktop will arrive with the fitters. We are not having a completely new kitchen, there is nothing wrong with the current units which are solid wood and in excellent condition. It is, however, time for a little bit of renovation.

A note for Hazel before she asks - no, I did not buy the RangeMaster. Much debate, numerous visits to friends with RangeMaster stoves, but in the end I decided the 90cm RM was too small, the 110cm was too big for the space we had, this stove by Leisure is a Best Buy from Which? and has everything we want, and more. A couple of weeks to wait and then total chaos for a few days whilst the contents of all the cupboards are temporarily relocated.

After the Saturday delivery we went to Scotland which was extremely enjoyable. Happy anniversary dear one, 20 years, good grief ....

And then we came home, which is also very good :}>


  1. Judging by the glow of the WBS, it's a tad nippy in the northwest?

  2. Just a tad! Have a look at the Gardening blog to see how cold it was last night.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing all the results of your weekend's shopping.

  4. How exciting - can't wait to pop over to sample to produce when it's all finished!! I thought of you when we started ripping the bathroom out yesterday and discovered the entire floor needs replacing and there are enough pipes and wires to fill a small mansion. It must be a Cumbrian thing. Hope the kitchen goes well. Did you go for new doors or paint in the end?

  5. Hi CB, ouch, sorry to hear you need a new floor on top of all the other work.

    In the end I didn't go for doors OR paint; as I couldn't make my mind up I'm doing nothing for the time being. Gut instinct is to have them painted next year - but I reserve the right to change my mind.


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