Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Another delivery

There can be significant benefits to be gained from building good relationships with local suppliers. Especially when one supplier is the local timber merchant who phones and says "we've brought a load of fence panels back from a job and they're in good condition - can you use them?"

And £10 later (including delivery) they're sitting on the driveway. More compost bins? Seven additional pallets were a nice bonus.


  1. Pallets are brilliant for making compost heaps! you can never have too many compost bins!

  2. Well done. Forging relationships is what life's all about - and it comes back to benefit you (or bite your bum, depending in the kind of person you are!) You are definitely the benefit kind!

  3. How wonderful. I'm sure you'll put both the fencing and the pallets to really good use. Now I've just got to work out how to do that with a quilt shop!

  4. Sue - good luck working out how to get equivalent goodies from a quilt shop!


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