Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Weird weather

We're in September so it must be Autumn, right? So how come it was nearly 90 degrees today in the greenhouse, the sky is clear azure blue all day and despite liberal applications of factor 40, the end of my nose is burned? Weird weather indeed but I won't complain because it means I am getting lots done outside and Management can happily potter in the garages, spreading bike parts and supplies on the driveway whilst he sorts out what goes where.

Outside at 9.00am today to creosote the remaining trellis panels before something could crop up to distract me. There were interruptions but I had all three panels done by midday and Management painted the top of the arch whilst I fixed lunch.

Too hot this afternoon to get much done. The trellis and fence give a wonderful sense of enclosure to this part of the garden and for just about the first time we feel comfortable about sitting and relaxing. It suddenly feels like our private space, previously we've had a sense of "being on the edge of the driveway" where it is all too easy for unexpected visitors to intrude. That's not meant to sound unsociable, but having somewhere quiet to sit where you can't been seen from the road or drive is an important part of being able to relax.

Lovely to sit and look at the Potager. Even though the vegetables are nearly over and the sunflowers gone to seed it's lovely to look at it and realise just how much progress we have made. In April the beds looked like this:

Four short months later and the summer plants are nearly over.

It was lovely to sit and cogitate how the Cottage Garden might develop, (I nearly said the four-letter-word beginning with P).

Harvested the remainder of the "new" potatoes, they will get a post all to themselves.


  1. wow, it looks amazing. Even better than I imagined when you described it to us during our visit. Well done you two!

  2. Thanks Nic, hope it wont' be too long before you can see it for yourself :}


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