Sunday, 12 September 2010

Uninvited lunch guest

As if I didn't have enough to do trying to get the fedge sorted out :}

Had made us some lunch and as Management was carrying the tray towards the dining hall door he said "there's a bird in here!" at which point a small blue tit flew into the sitting room. Goodness knows how it had got itself into the hall as the garden door hadn't been open all day.

After battering itself around the sitting room a couple of times it settled on the kindling basket which sits in the window. Fortunately we have deep windows which enabled me to draw the curtains trapping the bird in an area about 18" deep.

After lunch Management had the idea of sticking a bit of pruned hedge through the window in the hope that the little thing would work out this was a route to freedom. Great idea because a couple of hours later the bird had flown and obviously not been too stressed by the ordeal (in other words, no bird poo to clear up!)


  1. I can think of worse things to turned up uninvited!

    Talking of which are you not troubling us any more with Mrs Stinky woes, or has she (and her brethren) found a more inviting dwelling in which to lodge residence?

  2. There's definitely something wrong with the first picture, blue tit inside, Bilbo outside? Hmmm ... glad he found the route to freedom without leaving you any presents.

  3. James - Mr/s Stinky and offspring haven't ventured inside recently although one or two have regretted going into the greenhouse.

    I expect that as the weather changes and it gets colder outside they may seek more shelter - the traps are ready!

    SewAli - giggle - I hadn't thought of it that way.


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