Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tomato glut?

Both freezers are completely full, there is a limit to how much passata, ratatouille and bolognaise even I can squeeze into the drawers.

Does this count as a glut? The photo below shows barely a fraction of the tomatoes I've grown this year.

The Consoluto Fiorentino have been outstanding, albeit slightly misshapen! One single fruit weighed 600g and the fruit on the scales weighs over 1.5kg.

Other varieties are Garden Pearl (prolific to the point of insanity but not enough depth of flavour to bother with again), Roma (plum with thick walls and great for cooking) and the big round salad tomato is Harbinger, OK flavour but goes over very quickly once ripe.

We can't use all the remaining fruit in the greenhouse before it goes off and I'm not prepared to risk botulism by home canning without specialist equipment. In the absence of an Indian Summer, sun-dried tomatoes are off the agenda, but does anyone have any advice or tips for home drying tomatoes for future use in casseroles and soups?


  1. ...and right tasty the Consoluto Fiorentino were too! Thank you.

  2. I know that you can 'sun dry' tomatoes in the oven on a low low low setting, or failing that, there are quite a few recipes on the Grapevine - and I have a recipe for tomato jam, if you'd like it?

  3. Thanks Hazel, had a look online for recipes and I think it might have to be mucho tomato soup between now and the end of the month and save up for a proper dehydrator for next year!

    Appreciate the offer of a jam recipe, but I know I'm not likely to use it.

  4. You can dry them in the oven, I used to do it in my Rayburn days - I have a recipe somewhere I'll dig it our for you and email it over later when I have a bit more time. I roast peppers in the oven and them jar them in olive oil. They keep for weeks in the fridge like that, so I guess toms would do to if you want another idea.

  5. They look great :) Mine were decimated by blight so only a very scant crop this year.

    Not recipes but found this a good tomato growing resource:

  6. Thanks Mrs Pao. Steve (Mr T-K) occasionally visits Bag End; the guy is an absolute wealth of information on all things tomato and shares very generously.


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