Sunday, 26 September 2010


First thing the river valley was full of mist. Every morning a flock of geese make their way south for the day, they will be back at dusk, probably to feed and roost on the Solway.

Before the sun came up the valley looked cold (this is a big image, click on it to enlarge)

There was frost on the cars:

And then the sun slipped quietly up behind Skiddaw.


  1. Wonderful Bilbo ,,, especially as it's a cold dull grey sky here. I saved the first pic on my desktop ,,, then saw the rest!!! Glad you were out of bed early! First frost eh!!!! Jill

  2. Beautiful, with the exception of the frost.

  3. Thank you ladies, it was pretty albeit a tad cold {grin}.

    We saw the geese again yesterday afternoon - must have been over 200 of them (I thought of the Lumberjack - Solway is a great place for birding)


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