Monday, 20 September 2010

Seed Harvest

With an eye on the weather which was definitely about to change, I cut down the HSL Dwarf French Beans (Early Warwick)

and most of the two HSL climbing peas - Stephens with dark purple pods and Robinson with fresh green ones.

Have lots of lovely seed from both, a packet of which will be gladly sent to anyone who wants it in order that these varieties are maintained.*

This link will take you to the Heritage Seed Library main page. I am delighted (and feeling terribly pleased with myself) that most of my seed is going back to HSL and will be distributed to their members.

Robinson is one of the sweetest, most delicious peas I have ever tasted and has a tremendous season - they started cropping in mid June. I picked the last half-dozen pods and ate them on the spot last week, a pea which can crop like this barely a few miles from the coast on a windy and wet site - got to be a winner! Stephens wasn't far behind, and the lovely purple pods were delicious as tiny mange tout (steam for just a couple of minutes and they keep the wonderful colour) or allowed to get bigger and steamed for no more than 3 or 4 minutes.

Thanks must go to Hazel at the Hill who sent me the seeds last autumn - HSL seed CANNOT be sold but it is wonderful that a network of gardeners exist who maintain these heritage varieties and share the seed.

If you know me, bung over an email and I'll get to the post box.

* If you don't know me (and therefore I don't have your address), either use the "email" link on the top right-hand side or leave a comment. No-one else can see what you write unless I hit 'publish' which I will not do with someones private information - please leave an email and postal address.


  1. It all sounds like a win-win situation to me. So more HSL varieties to try next year given this year's success?

  2. Yes James, but next year I must be careful and grow what we will eat - although taking a handleful of peapods as one walks past the plants is never going to be off the menu!

    Membership of HSL costs £20 per year and as they cannot sell seed, members receive their choice of 6 packets each Spring.

  3. Oh that is great - I'd love some seed, please. I wasn't sure when to collect seed but seeing as you've collected some of yours I'll go and get mine now :) I had some lovely heritage variety french beans this year - they were super.

  4. Hi, I would absolutely love some of your Heritage peas, Robinsons if I had a choice but either would be lovely! It's very generous of you to offer to send some out!

    By the way I read your blog avidly and admit to being extremely jealous of your lifestyle. I even show the hubby ("See! That's what I've got in mind....!" etc.), but not having the garden space, wild life or surrounding countryside, he tends to just roll his eyes at me!! :)


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