Monday, 27 September 2010

Retail Therapy

It wasn't until we took the Hay Rack baskets down at the weekend I suddenly remembered how big they are - and a few cyclamen and ivy rescued from the summer planting wasn't going to suffice. Off to the Whitehaven Garden Centre, had one of those 'mad moments' where all the plants I might have thought of buying if I was sitting flicking through books and magazines tried to jump of the staging and come home with me.

Bugle (Ajuga reptans Mahogany), nice Scottish native which should hold its leaves over winter and has a future as ground cover.

Heuchera (micrantha var. diversifolia 'Palace Purple') - another which can go in the ground after a winter in the baskets

and Wormwood (Artemesia Oriental Limelight) not sure about this - am not the biggest fan of yellow variegated foliage but the dark leaves of the Ajuga and Heuchera needed something to lift them.

Two large Pyracantha (Coccinea Red Column), in truth, not sure exactly where they will go, which breaks all my self-imposed plant buying rules but they are nice plants and I much prefer the red berried varieties to the orange which seem to be everywhere.

Recently I toyed with the idea of taking out the Yew plants from the unfinished "hedge" next to the potager and replacing with Viburnum - evergreen, grows well here, nice flowers - what not to like? Therefore when I found myself in front of a dozen nice looking plants at a good price the decision was made very quickly.

The label says Viburnum Tinus; I think the three large ones are "Eve Price" and the others are "Gwenllian" but it doesn't really matter.

And for no reason other than I felt like it - another Sarracenia, possibly rubra but far more likely to be a hybrid.

plus some John Innes compost for the Hay Racks and pots which are going to have daffodils in - of course, I've gone down with a horrible cold. Not like me at all, definitely the worst I have had for years - planting will have to wait.


  1. Eve Price is a cracker - lovely flowers.
    I'm a huge fan of heucheras - I have about half a dozen - the leaf colours can be amazing.

    There's something very comforting about coming home with a load of plants, isn't there?

  2. Pleased to see you buying plants at last!! You will be really pleased with the Viburnum. I've probably told you before that we planted a viburnum hedge in our last garden and Eve Price was one of the varieties we had. It's a great shrub, brilliant all year round and the birds love it. You'll have blackbirds nesting in it in no time!

  3. Thank you both, it was wonderful (if slightly strange) to be buying plants; yes VH - very comforting to come home with a car full!

    CB, I don't remember you telling me about a Viburnum hedge {sorry} but am very pleased to have your confirmation about how much the birds liked it.

  4. some lovely price pumpkins snuggled down in the back there too.
    Just what you need for a hearty soup on a cold autumns evening

  5. Thanks Nic, hoping the pumpkins will continue to ripen.

  6. I recommend watching that artemisia like a hawk - turn your back on it and it will take over!

  7. Thanks for the warning GC, the artemesia hasn't made it out of the pots yet (bad Hobbit). I now intend for it to overwinter in a raised bed as I know the baskets won't get replanted.

    If artemesia is such a thug, do you think I could plant it near the ground elder and see if it smothered it {grin}?


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