Sunday, 5 September 2010

Quiet Weekend

Not surprisingly, Saturday was quiet. Management is hobbling around with a bruise that reaches from his waist nearly to his knee - I'm just thankful it is nothing worse. We were both very tired, pottered very slowly all day. Cut the rest of the grass and babysat Harry, a lovely Golden Retriever who has done some damage to a kneecap and couldn't accompany the rest of his family on a walk today.

More pottering Sunday morning, nothing major just general tidying up.

Reed screen in the nursery area

Not sure how long black membrane will last as windbreak; gardening - one of life's enduring experiments!

Loweswater Show in the afternoon, lovely chance to meet up with friends, admire vintage tractors and look at the livestock. Management stayed at home not feeling up to walking around a field all afternoon. Didn't take a camera because I just wanted to bimble around quietly.

When I got back from Loweswater it seemed like a good idea to apply Cuprinol/Ronseal to all the garden furniture. A very productive 90 minutes later I'd done 4 chairs, three benches, a table and a stool - at which point Management came and read the small print on the tin: "dry in 2 - 5 days". Whoops, this meant that Monday afternoon's visitors had to sit on furniture covered with old blankets to ensure that they too were not protected against wind & rain for the winter!


  1. 90 minutes to paint all that furniture, you're getting very fast at wielding that paintbrush! Hope Management's improving daily, the bod takes a while to come back from a bashing like that.

  2. Sometimes it's nice to just relax - especially after all that hard work.

  3. Thanks Ali, speed possibly related to the amount of practise I have had recently :}

    Management OK thanks, bruising getting worse by the day but he's more mobile than he was and in less pain.

    James - hope you get to relax a bit this week, sorry you won't be doing it up here :}

  4. the autumn colours are coming through at Bag End I see.
    Silver lining to Management's fall - taking the afternoon off.
    Well done both x

  5. oh poor Management. I hope the recovery is still going well.

    What brilliant news that you are now able to take some time out to just sit and relax in your garden - next thing we know you'll be doing that with some sewing in your hand!

  6. Glad Management is coming along ok - and sensibly taking it easy.

    Nursery reed screen is looking good.

    I always say, when all else fails, read the tin!

  7. Thanks VH - reading the tin? nah, much more fun to slosh the contents around and worry about the details later!

  8. Perhaps your visitors would have liked to be protected against wind & rain for the winter? Or perhaps being permanently 'country oak' brown didn't appeal?

    I'd have loved the tractors/livestock at the Loweswater show!

  9. Forgot to say - I love the hayrack doofahs on the balcony ironwork. I'm stunned that you have any sort of floral whathaveyou given how late in the season that you managed to plant out.

  10. Hazel, thanks Ma'am the hayrack doofahs have been surprisingly successful. Nearly over now, am thinking of replanting them with some small bulbs and winter-flowering pansies. Don't know how well they will do once winter wind and rain starts battering them but it is worth a try.

    BTW, nothing wrong with being a nice shade of Light Oak {grin}.


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