Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Potato Harvest

Finally harvested the remainder of the "new" potatoes, having left them so long some are not exactly new potato sized. Earlier in the week I dug up all the Arran Pilot - bear in mind two plants have already been removed this seemed like a good harvest from an 8 foot row and we've already had numerous large jacket spuds and they are delicious.

The Rocket is disappointing. A whole row, same raised bed, and large quantity of them have been attacked by slugs and are brown and nasty inside. On close inspection I am not sure any of this crop are sound enough to go into storage.

Will not grow potatoes in these raised beds again - it makes a complete mockery of the no-dig system. The only positive to come from digging over the bed was to see the size and quantity of worms in the soil, some of them could qualify for the status of small snakes :} Much simpler to use large pots which can stand behind the greenhouse and it won't matter when the foliage goes over and they look awful.

To validate this idea I emptied out the four plastic sacks which had been planted with some left-overs from the bottom of the fridge. I called them Brampton Maincrop because they had come from the organic box scheme run by Eva's Organics. A doddle to harvest, all the spent compost got added to a raised bed, and not a single slug, wireworm or mouldy spud between them. Definite success and they taste pretty good too.

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