Friday, 24 September 2010


Hazel is right, lists of jobs to be done in the garden are hateful things, full of dependencies and hurdles and destined to set you up for failure before you even start.

It rained all Thursday night and the forecast was for a mucky weekend. Therefore it was something of a surprise to have clear blue sky and sunshine by 10.00 this morning so I made a list of all the very small jobs which, individually, should take no more than an hour to complete and could be done without the need to get loads of tools out of the shed.

Springs on
three gates, still got to tension them but that's not a job for one.

Black screen across final part of front fence, and a hook to keep the gate open. This is the removable part (for wheelbarrow access) and needs some modification to make it quicker to open (tomorrow's list?)

Windbreak netting fixed to the bottom of the fence.

Perhaps by Spring the ground under this membrane might be ready to be dug? This is the long bed which separates the driveway from the garden (west side), it's nearly 3m deep in places and I want to put a hedge against the fence, maybe hardly perennials in front?

Shepherd's crooks straightened up, got one more to install but I need Management to fix the two sections together for me.

Final bit of willow screen on fedge, then deviated from list and relocated a large and thorny rose I found in the escallonia hedge.

Anything which produces such lovely hips whilst being totally neglected deserves a second chance and a place on a wildlife fedge. Surprisingly, I didn't get scratched or attacked once, perhaps the rose understood when I explained I was saving it from a certain Death By Chainsaw at sometime in the future when we chop the escallonia down!

Something you don't see very often!

Of course, the weekend list has already started with the tail-end of today's jobs, plus all the other bright ideas I had whilst outside which I haven't written down :}


  1. Most of them are one-time jobs though, they won't be appearing on another job list anytime soon! Another lovely banner at the top of your blog.

  2. Well done. I've stopped writing job lists. Then no-one knows when I've not done something I intended so I've no need to feel apologetic. Instead I make lists (in my diary)of what I actually did!

  3. I don't normally makes lists VH, too depressing because there is so much to do!

    Instead, I tend to use this blog as a record of what did get achieved, and that is all your fault {grin} because you had your blog before any of the rest of us, and you used to say yours was a way of recording the garden ...

  4. Dear Smug of Cumbria

    Next time you tick all the things off your List please do not show the rest of us - it is bad enough you having the scenery that you have without being so darn efficient also.

    I will console myself with fresh-out-the-range almond biscuits and the 40lbs of potatoes which I dug today (although not at the same time, obviously.)


    Prevaricator in chief, Sutton Coldfield

  5. I've always loved a list!!! In my previous life they kept my mind free to deal with the crisis in front of me! Not quite the same when working through the garden jobs but never the less I do love a list!! Oh and I love the new banner and the energy you have!!

  6. Dear Prevaricator in chief, but it was such a little list, full of itty-bitty little tasks. Now if I gave you a glimpse of the rough outline I wrote for 2010 you'd come over all faint (and have to lay down in a long, floaty Laura Ashley-type dress, ha ha ha ha).

    Am suitably envious of 40lb of potatoes and the fact that you have your range installed when mine isn't even ordered.

    PS: not smug, just permanently exhausted!

    Sarum - quite right too. Once something is on a list you don't have to remember it :} When are you going to come up and see the view for yourself (and as you are only THREE MONTHS older than me I see no reason why you aren't just as energetic).

  7. What a satisfying day that must have been. Hope the rest of the weekend was just as good.

  8. Cheers QS, very satisfying to see a list off in one go. Gentle weekend also, and still got quite a bit done (I think ...)


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