Saturday, 18 September 2010


No plans for Friday and decent weather so it was time to knuckle down and bundle up all the sticks of kindling we had stored in the small shed.

Apart from the awkwardness of standing on a slight slope, once I got set up it was relaxing and fairly easy to sort the wood (roughly) into lengths and tie up bundles. Management thinks one bundle will do a week with the WBS but knows he's being optimistic. I'm the one who cleans the WBS and sets each fire and I think I'll use more.

It took all day, but I ended up with 50 bundles from the messy pile which had been thrown in the bottom of the shed and as a bonus, now have 80% of the space available to store other things. It didn't take long for tubs, flower pots and windbreak netting to move in. I've also got four bags (the white ones) of scrappy messy bits of wood which will be great kindling but is the wrong shape to bundle up neatly.

The task took so long (should only have been 2 or 3 hours) because I had to make a mercy dash to Loweswater and kidnap (dognap?) Harry & Bethan from their house. Their parents had been seriously delayed on a trip and I had volunteered to to babysit should the need arise.

Harry is confined to barracks with a damaged knee but I found it easier to use the long lead on Bethan. This stopped her wandering off in search of the pheasant and miraculously resulted in both dogs settling down to snooze next to me. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon :}


  1. No plans for Friday??????? Sounds like it turned out to be a very good day and nice to see two dogs happily relaxed nearby.

  2. Thanks Mrs K, sometimes the best days are the ones which just "happen", and given today's weather I am glad the kindling and log store are ready for action!

  3. You see - another job ticked off the list.

  4. Cheers James, except there is still that big bucket of split logs which were intended for kindling ... I suppose I might as well just put them straight in the big basket by the WBS :},

    oh, and I don't have a "list" - would be far too long if I tried to write one.


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