Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Indoor gardening

Another action-packed afternoon at Bag End.

Sorting saved seed for myself and making up packets to send to friends before the remainder goes to the Heritage Seed Library. Now might also be a good time to review all the seeds left over from this year, be brutal and throw away/give away anything I am definitely not going to grow and decide if I'm going to attempt to raise some perennials over the winter.


  1. I'll add 'organised' to 'clever', shall I? {gg}

    I have various dwarf & climbing beans drying upstairs - with plenty more to come - but the peas have got into a dreadful muddle & now all look the same dried on the plants, so I will have to be careful just to save a few 'definitely this or that variety' for next year to sow. That won't stop me eating the 'miscellaneous' in winter stews, though!

  2. Hazel, I'm not clever - just very careful.

    At one point the two lots of pea seeds were even in different rooms! BTW, do you want me to send you some peas back so you can at least grow a couple of certainties {snortle}?


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