Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fish : Bicycle

Need has nothing to do with it and buying decorations in September is completely insane.

But I am a Christmas decoration junkie and not ashamed to admit it.

When I reorganised the basement room recently, all the decorations ended up in the same place, oops. Last year I fully intended to weed out all the ones I no longer use and take them to a charity shop; it never happened but this year I have promised myself I will get all the surplus decorations to one of the shops in Cockermouth by the beginning of December. Plans, plans ... I really should know better!

In my defence, four of these tubs contain the tree ... it's a big tree!


  1. Nothing wrong with buying your deccies now, if you don't, the good ones will be gone. The train is very cute, is it going to have chocs in it?

    I LOVE your new banner picture, I don't know how long it's been there, but I only noticed it today :o).

  2. Thanks Ali - carriages full of chocs - excellent idea! You're right though, if you don't buy the nice stuff as soon as it goes on the shelves, these days it is too late if you wait until nearer Christmas.

    Banner pic on this blog has been in situ a while, the one on the gardening blog only went up yesterday.

  3. I love both the train and the lanterns. Funny the way our minds work, I immediately saw chocolates in the train. As for a big tree, well you've got to have it as you've got so many decs to put on. So when will you start putting them all out? My sister usually goes for the beginning of October.

  4. Thanks Sue, I cannot argue with two brilliant minds, this will now be the chocolate train!

    I am for first week in December - I said aim, that's like a gardening plan only disguised :}


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