Sunday, 12 September 2010


I sometimes grumble that because Bag End is so big it is often not possible to start and finish* a task in a day or even in a weekend. However, by chipping away and doing a bit here and a bit there, eventually, even really big tasks get to a point where we can (nearly) stand back and say 'OK, that will do for now'.

Although we needed the privacy, the Reed Screening never looked right on this fence but recently Management found a Willow version; twice the price and three times as heavy but looks much, much better.

If only "all" I had to do was fit the screen. As Hazel wrote recently, gardening is a series of dependencies and this job was no different.

* In order for the screen to stay where I wanted it, the soil in the bed on the potager side needed to be level.
* So the digging (started months ago) had to be finished

* The soil needed compost adding and instead of raiding the cow manure piles, Management suggested I make a start on emptying Compostus Binus Magnificentus - he was right.
* The top layer of CBM was recently added grass clippings - so they had to be moved to the new grass bin behind the Log Store

* Eventually I got down to pure, delicious, sweet-smelling black gold which had to be barrowed all the way to the potager, of course I used the big green trolley which was stupid because once loaded it was so heavy .... and Management's bruising is in no state to help me (granted, if I'd asked he would have come to lend a hand so I didn't tell him what I was doing).

* As soon as the compost was tipped out of the trolley it was mugged by one of our resident Robins who was delighted at this unexpected feast of a Sunday lunch.
* I don't dig compost in, preferring to let the worms incorporate it all for me but it needed covering up before the Robins and other birds stripped out all the worms and mini-beasts so I raided a bulk-bag of purchased top soil ...

and eventually I could start to fix the Willow Screen in place ... by which time it was past 6.30pm, I was very tired and we hadn't even started supper. Another Bag End job not quite finished - one more bit of Willow to fix.

* but in truth, I know Bag End will never be finished - a garden never is.


  1. Get that last piece of willow fixed to put a tick on the box and go and sit down and have a rest. Pick up some sewing or whatever it is that you do {g}

  2. Last bit of willow can wait - today has been designated indoor gardening day which means lots of books and messing around on the PC :}

  3. It really does look good!
    If we ever did finish a garden what then? We'd have to move. Never again!

  4. Thanks VH - I'm moving from here in a box or bag with large zip :} and no, a garden is never finished.

    Of course, now the difficult bit starts - drawing up a planting list.

  5. That'll be two jobs off the list though, digging the bed and putting up screening. It's all progress and won't need doing again (at least not for a considerable time!).

  6. You're right SewAli, and as I intend to practise "no-dig" gardening on all these beds, the only time this soil will see a spade in future is when I am planting something.

    Another job ticked off today - ordered some custom-made obelisks from Patersons for the two long Potager beds - got to have something to grow clematis over!

  7. I think that you will not only be on Paterson's Christmas card list, you will be invited to Christmas lunch! {gg}

    Suggest that you think of project staging points as 'done for now which means that you can tick them off the current To-Do List, but be able to revisit them at some guilt-free period in the future.

  8. I'm seeing progress every time you post now. You've got the timing just right to start indoor gardening (books/computers/catalogues/whatever) with the seasons moving on and the days getting shorter.

  9. Hazel, you might be right about Christmas, and you are definitely correct about staging points in large projects.

    QuiltSue, dark earlier now, getting colder, so maybe I will get to the pile of books? Heavens, I might even get to some fabric :}


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