Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Back to "normal" at Bag End

Wednesday - bright, breezy, surprisingly warm in the morning, sadly it went downhill after lunch.

Grass cutting - lots of it.

Unfortunately rain stopped play before I could get the saw out and make additional boards for the front of the grass bin.

Leaves have started to come off the trees but there was not yet enough to warrant raking them up, so I took the easy option and let the lawnmower chew them up with the grass clippings. A particularly windy spell at lunchtime meant that the nice tidy lawn was suddenly covered with leaves again.

Turned the contents of the first compost bin into the second, it didn't take as long as I expected and wasn't too difficult. Extremely pleased to see how well it is breaking down, if pushed I could have used a lot of it but as I don't need it right now then it can all be left a few more weeks.

Finally got round to fixing more windbreak netting to the paddock fencing.

Had a bit of a blitz on the long bed which separates the drive from the west side of the garden. Much more to do but it's a start.


I could have done without falling over my own feet and the wheelbarrow at the same time (don't ask) and landing shoulder first on the fence. At least I will know how I got this particular bruise, I never did work out how I got the one that's only just started to fade.

Rained off around 4.00 which was irritating, but mood was vastly improved by the Minimal Food Miles Supper, inspired by Nic's recipe yesterday;

Before, During and After!

What you can't see is the chicken breast hidden under the veggies - perfectly cooked, and as I added new potatoes to the ratatouille mixture it was a complete roast dinner in one pot (and very yummy).


  1. I both love the square pyrex dish (does it have a lid?) and the dinner within it - such colours!

    Will you throw things at me if I tell you that all the veg for dinner a mi casa are Minimal Food Miles? This gives you real season appreciation - after the 'oh - it's February, it must be kale and cabbage for dinner' you don't half appreciate those first broad beans - but of course that is why ratatouille is frozen in batches about now to give a taste of summer in those grey days.

    Note: Exception to MFM dinner is the Big One at Christmas - sprouts from the Hill are not what you might call a given, and as they are a must, along with the carrots (which I can't grow for that time), Mr Tesco does get a little of my hard earned...

  2. It's only 07:30 and that's made me feel hungry already (minus the courgette).

  3. Yummy. That dish just looks like summer on a plate to me.

  4. Hazel, dish is very old and doesn't have a lid, sadly. Will not throw anything at you - but am very impressed.

    James - Bag End courgettes are much nicer than Tesco ones!

    QuiltSue - glad you approve.


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