Thursday, 9 September 2010

And people think *I* do too much in one day?

Our friend James visited for the day. Management is nursing the worst bruise any of us have ever seen, I was nursing a mild hangover ...

Bright and sunny, ridiculously warm for the time of year and James wanted to work - he's a good mate and seems to love rolling his sleeves up and helping us with the endless work to make Bag End a garden (strange boy). We walked around pointing out the current jobs which are on the priority list and let him choose. Which is how we came to move another significant quantity of timber from the huge log pile outside the kitchen window.


A decision was taken to cut the timber to "WBS sized chunks" before moving it in order that whenever we wanted to use it, most of the work was already done.

Although James knows the garden as well as any of our friends, even he commented "it's just not possible to get a sense of the scale of the work here from looking at the blog photos". Won't argue with that ... poor Management had to quit after an hour or so - bruising which spreads from waist to mid-calf and encircles the entire thigh is not conducive to bending down and moving timber. Before deciding that it was too hot to do any more we managed to fill the wheelbarrow and big green trolley three times each and run the chainsaw out of petrol.

I thought we had shifted more than this. I'll never complain we have too much timber, it is a wonderful resource and there will be a time in the future when we don't have a ready supply for the WBS and I will miss it greatly. However, we do have an awful lot of timber in the wrong places ...

That was not enough for our little Energiser Bunny, and in the afternoon he set to wielding the splitting maul with extreme prejudice. Swinging this heavy tool like a thing possessed he split about half of the timber cut a couple of weeks ago:

before conceding that maybe there was a place for a 4-ton hydraulic ram.

We kept going until it was definitely time to stop and fix supper; I was shattered, Management just in pain and James claimed to feel energised and wanted to do more ... and you think * I * have a warped idea of how much constitutes a day's work?

Thanks kid, sorry I forgot to give you the remainder of the cheese to take back to the cottage :{ and we really appreciate all your help.


  1. Everyone should have a James!
    (Ours lives in Scarborough!)

  2. At least Scarborough isn't that far away. Ours lives in Suffolk and doesn't get up here very often!

  3. Lucky you, Bilbo, we don't have a James :(. Looks like a good day's labour, give Management our love and hope the bruising and pain start to ease soon.

  4. Hard work indeed but when you drive a desk all day this is needed every now and then to let off steam.

    As if moving your wood around wasn't enough I've spent over two hours this morning sawing (by hand) a load of timber to "WBS size" for myself. Shame it's still a bit too warm to light it yet.

  5. Dear EB

    I too drive a desk all day - however the reality of my letting off steam does not match that of yours. Please feel free to stop off in the Midlands on your way up to Bag End - I can offer a bribe of Parsnip Wine.

    Hazel x

  6. Can I borrow him? what a satisfying days work!

  7. Ali, do you remember how hard he worked at the bonfire party? You may not have a James but you do have a wonderful lumberjack.

    Hazel - your invitation lacks one vital ingredient - Cumbrian fells - sorry :}

    Matron - you could try - he only works around the corner from you {giggle}

  8. Well - honestly, you party pooper - how can my Parsnip Wine possibly fail?

    But then I guess that you're right that I cannot offer anything like the allure of the Cumbrian Fells. Actually, I still can't work out how you do any *ahem* housework when you have that stunning view to distract - let alone the antics of the various wildlife.

  9. how you do any *ahem* housework

    err, Hazel, what makes you think I've worked it out either? How often do you hear me say "busy morning polishing furniture and washing the kitchen floor", {ha ha ha}

  10. I think parsnip wine would be rather detrimental to my ability to do anything useful, let alone hit the M6 afterwards! Hic!

  11. corr blimey, a rare sighting of the lesser spotted Bilbo at the View from Bag End!


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