Tuesday, 21 September 2010

An alternative method of mouse control #1

Bethan is a lovely girl but she has a tendency to be a bit of a hunter if left to her own devices. One of the things she loves to search for are mice so it was no surprise to find her in the greenhouse paying far too much attention to a 'live trap'. I was surprised however, to see how far under the staging one very large dog could squeeze herself when thoroughly motivated!

Harry looked on in amazement ...

A quick inspection confirmed there wasn't a mouse inside so I left Bethan to enjoy herself for a few minutes before I removed the trap. I was worried she might catch her mouth on the metal edges.

Despite not finding a mouse in residence she was not deterred and all of a sudden there was a blur of movement, a pouncing Golden Retriever - and one less mouse in the garden. You should be relieved there are no pictures of this particular slaughter.


  1. Wjat great photos. Both of them were completely unaware of you and the camera.

  2. Thanks Sue, they were rather focussed on the task in hand!

  3. Good news about the mouse I say! I'm sure your owls won't miss the one.

  4. I wouldn't have put those soppy-looking pair down as vicious killers - more the cuddle-you-to-death type! {gg}

    Love photo #5 with them both squashed under the staging!

  5. Lovely dogs - bet they caught the scent of previous residents!

  6. Hazel - you are right, they are more likely to slobber over you. I never knew such a large dog would fit under the staging!

    GLA - not just "previous" residents, more like permanent squatters. I've decided to change the bark chips for more gravel which might deter them, a job for winter.

    VH - no such luck, with lightening speed she displayed true Jack Russell Terrier instincts, despatched rodent with one bite and then proceeded to eat most of it - YUURRK!


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