Thursday, 10 June 2010


First off, there was an Apollo 13 moment - "Houston, we have a problem", a little drainage problem:

This is the new raised bed (in front of the garages) after a month without rain. So the "problem" isn't drainage, it is complete and total lack of it. Keith has already dug an additional 12" of rubble out of the bottom of this hole but it obviously isn't enough.

This was followed by one of the tremendous benefits of living in a small village:

We've got to know a lady who has lived here all her life. LS remembers sneaking onto the land which is now our Coppice because it was a good place to play. She also remembers a stream . . .

We knew when purchasing Bag End there was meant to be a culvert under the Coppice and have always assumed it fed into a large manhole in the road. LS thinks it is unlikely the stream was properly diverted and has probably just been filled in. The area she is referring to was surprisingly moist during May when we had no rain ... her husband thinks land drains might have been put in during the house build but they're probably full of tree roots by now.

This might might explain why the bottom of the garden is so wet at times. It also might explain why, during periods of extreme rainfall, water rises up through the middle of the garage floor. It would go a long way to explaining why, even when it has not rained for a month, we have an apparent "water table" in the bottom of my brick planter!

Management has imaginative ideas about excavating this to create our own stream which in turn would feed the large pond (planned for the bonfire area). I just want to know where the water is going. H2O wandering about underground without a minder can be a tad destructive. (Actually, Management is not the only one with imaginative ideas - how many NGS gardens have I visited where the blurb casually remarks "underground culvert diverted to feed stream and ponds".)

Off to rummage through a huge pile of legal documents (be honest, who reads every single thing from the solicitor when buying a house? who remembers what they have read?).

On the original Land Transfer I found a small map, it doesn't show the Coppice because that was added to the plot later as was the strip of land next to the road. It does however, clearly show the fateful word "stream". Before I get too excited about creating natural water features, we also have a United Utilities map which shows the water main running along exactly the same line ..... it is just as likely that this will come to nothing as we will find a usable source of spring water for the garden.


  1. I take it you won't be getting the water diviner (or however you spell it) back. Surely he should have found that stream during his visit.

  2. Don't worry Angela, there will be dowsing rods!


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