Monday, 21 June 2010

Pheasant update

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon I saw Mrs Pheasant bring her babies into the garden and head for the Bag End buffet so that she could stock up on mixed corn. On both days it was impossible to count the chicks but I didn't see as many as Tuesday.

Friday afternoon - joy of joys! Mrs Pheasant munched corn outside the kitchen window for 40 minutes with her babies hidden in the undergrowth. She then took them what is now the "usual route" through the front garden to get to the field opposite and I counted 9 little ones - amazing that she still has so many. They are so cute, and she is such a caring mother, that I didn't even mind when she decided to march them directly through the Potager!

Sunday - we watched for quite some time as Mum brought the babies into the garden from the field opposite, crossed the driveway and went up the uncultivated side of the garden (where the bonfire pit is).

I felt so sorry for her - the youngsters are obviously getting to be a bit "teenage" and the poor bird was rushing backwards and forwards trying to get them all to stay with her. The little ones thought it was far more fun to rummage around in our long grass and do their own thing.

You could imagine Mum Pheasant standing with her hands on her hips yelling "would you all get OVER HERE NOW". Knowing she was on her way to the Bag End Buffet, I'd put out a big scoop of mixed corn and she fed well, although there were a couple of breaks whilst she tried to round up chicks who thought the large log pile was a fun-filled climbing frame.

There appeared to be 8 babies today, sad that two are missing but Mum is doing well. Praying that the stoat or weasel don't decide that now would be a good time to return.

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