Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The only way is up

Dear abandoned blog,

What a patient little blog you've been. Abandoned and neglected but not once have you chided me or complained.

I do have a good excuse - nothing to say. OK, I have lots to say about the garden and a bit to say about the wildlife, but T'Other blog was always going to be about dogs, quilts, the house and fellwalking, and there hasn't been any of that to talk about.

(Edit: I've been asked about this picture, it was taken on Loch Shiel opposite the cottage where Mike Tomkies lived. Ollie loved boats and was made very welcome by MV Sileas' skipper Jim Michie. Highly recommend one of his trips if you are on the west coast of Scotland)

You all know why there is no Ollie, something which still hurts to the core on an almost daily basis, there is no quilt making because I've been working virtually full time in the garden, we've done nothing in the house because I've been in the garden and there is no fellwalking because I knackered my hip!

I do have plans however, although if the garden is anything to go by, having a plan is a pretty futile thing.

I've promised to make quilts for both of James' sons and I must get on with them, the acupuncture is wonderful and hopefully my hip will stop complaining about ascent or descent and I can get back on the fells, but today the plumber and carpenter arrived and the small bathroom starts its metamorphosis.

Before is not pretty

I've done all the tile removal and stripping out to this point, men in white vans are getting paid to do everything else!

There are compensations. In addition to the glorious view since we changed the window, at 7.15am I glanced outside and a hare was lolloping gently across the front garden, no time for a photo but what a gift first thing in the morning?


  1. I like having workmen in the house, it means jobs are getting done and I'm not having to do them LOL! Fingers crossed it's a smooth-running project. Double fingers crossed that you can go walking again soon, though you must be pretty fit from all your gardening!

  2. Thanks SewAli, I agree, having the blokes here means we are making progress.

    This plumber and carpenter are new to us but have obviously worked together for a long time, the banter and wind-ups just go on all day. They are a bit older and we feel very comfortable with them in the house which is so important.

    All went well today, first fix is done and plasterer came round at 6.00pm to check measurements and quantities.

  3. Hope it's soon finished. Having jobs done is a pain. Having them finished is briliant.


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