Wednesday, 23 June 2010

House Sparrow

Ever since moving to Bag End I am been envious (in a nice way) of a neighbour who has House Sparrows in her Rowan tree every day. This year we might not have them nesting, but some parents have finally found the Bag End Buffet and are bringing their babies for lunch.

Definitely time to fix a Sparrow Hotel under the house eaves.


  1. Oh, I'm loving your bird pictures. You get so many different ones from us, so its a real treat. I can never grab the camera in time here, or if I have time, I'm too far away!!

  2. Great photos. We love watching the sparrows feeding their young here too. Sometimes the babies look bigger than the parents and it is so funny to see them trying to learn how to hang on a feeder and get the seeds - I think they reckon it's easier just to sit on a bar and let the parents bring the food to them.

  3. We have loads of sparrow families too! We have two sparrow terraces but the sparrows ignore them completely. Each year we have had them they have been populated by blue and great tits. Maybe the box needs to be right under the eaves but it would make it hard to clear them out after use.


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