Tuesday, 29 June 2010

First fix

Progress in the little bathroom and it was relatively painless. Bill and David cleared up after themselves to a very high standard - perhaps it seemed so tidy because they are old enough to know not to make too much mess in the first place, saves so much time at the end of the day!

How can such a small space create so much rubbish. This doesn't include the wash basin and pedestal which Bill has taken. Apparently he knows someone who will want it - they are welcome the monstrous thing, two less items for us to take to the tip on Saturday morning.

The new bathroom fittings have arrived and I could not resist carrying a couple of things in to make sure everything fits the way we planned. Of course, now I have to carry them out again.

Now if Wayne could just extract the digit and make a start on the plastering . . . he's due this afternoon.


  1. It's always exciting to see progress!

  2. Yep - fits perfectly and there is quite a good view when seated {{{gggg}}}

    Now, seeing as you are ruddy brilliant, please tell me where we have put the box with three lovely wall-lights that Management has just realised would look great in there .....

  3. I could not resist carrying a couple of things in ....

    I thought that you were on light fatigues?? Or doesn't lugging sanitaryware around count?

    Can't help you with where the wall-lights box is - unless you've put it in the fridge (but I think you might notice). That's where most of my 'unaccountables' end up, for some reason.

  4. Hazel - PS: how is your building work going? It has been sadly quiet from "The Hill" recently.

  5. doesn't lugging sanitaryware around count?

    Behave yourself! By Hobbit's normal standards, that is light!

    I don't think the missing box would fit in the fridge, neither of us can remember deep-sixing the lights before we moved, but it is starting to look dangerously like they did not make the move north with us ... drat.


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