Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Nectar Bar, part 2

A good excuse for a day off?

The more I thought about it, the more dissatisfied I was with my woodworking skills. I knew that I'd forever be hacked off with the angles at the end of the Nectar Bar, this particular corner has to be right and although it looks OK in photos, in real life it is not.

Thanks to Screwfix Direct, a big shiny compound mitre saw is on its way to Bag End and I will disassemble all but the back boards and start again.

I will not be spending the day sitting on my butt watching daytime TV and eating bon-bons; the fridge is nearly empty, the errands list has gone to 2 pages and there are more shirts in the ironing basket than in the wardrobe . . . whoosh


  1. If you want a job doing properly then ask a Hobbit.

    You might be wondering why you've bought a mitre saw just to do the nectar bar, but believe me you'll find that it comes in useful for lots of other jobs that you hadn't anticipated.

    The same happened when I forked out £250 on a 24v SDS drill 5+ years ago - one of the best investments I've made tool-wise. PS it should take steel box section in its stride, but remember to turn the hammer action OFF!

  2. remember to turn the hammer action OFF

    Don't worry, we've got that instruction firmly at the top of the list. Himself thinks our own big drill will do the box section but yours will be on charge just in case. BTW, the spreader clamps came in very useful yesterday, thanks again!

  3. Don't you just hate ironing shirts? Fortunately Himslef wears fleece shirts now. Lovely!

  4. Shirts? Yukk. Thank goodness my Himself wears teeshirts now. As for the nectar bar woodwork, I just hope the customers all appreciate the work that you're putting into making sure it's right for them.


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