Tuesday, 30 March 2010

It's officially Spring

Yesterday I heard the wonderful haunting call of a Curlew overhead - that makes it Spring at Bag End. I used to think they were only found in coastal areas but since moving here have learnt that they move inland to find marshy ground for nesting. This morning whilst out at the Log Store I heard the gorgeous call again and looked up quickly enough to see a large Curlew flying past. No idea if I will manage to photograph one this year - haven't succeeded the last two summers.

Also spotted were a pair of Thrush, but they were not obliging enough to move close enough together to appear in the same shot.

The bulb bed continues to improve day by day. It still doesn't look anything like 700 bulbs, there are some definite gaps where I know I planted daffodils - guess the mice were determined to have their share. As an eternal optimist I shall just look upon these bare patches as the obvious place to start when putting in hardy perennials ...


  1. I do love to see the daffs. Ours are just coming out too.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, my germination failures are 4 from 160 shallot seeds & 2 from 30 alderman peas - on the positive side, every one of the 2 year old broad beans have come up & all but one of 40 sweet peas. As you say, you have to go with the flow!

    Your daffs look great to me!

  3. Er - you did realise that I only had 4 from 160 shallot seeds germinate & 2 from 30 pea seeds germinate, didn't you? Re-reading my comment it looks like the other way round which would make me very ungrateful indeed!

  4. It's OK, Hazel, I knew what you meant.

    4/160 - so onion seeds are not the way to go then?

  5. Curlews are heard over the Yorkshire Dales where I think they nest too so they are definitely not just coastal.


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