Wednesday, 31 March 2010

End of the month

March has definitely been a good month, lots of Green Dot Days as Hazel calls them.

It is so good to finally feel we are creating something, rather than the constant destruction which has been the major feature of the last two years.

Despite the month ending with some foul weather and my having made some changes to the Bag End Buffet, not only are all the usual suspects in regular attendance, but this morning we had the pleasure of a new Red Squirrel who stayed for quite a while.

That make three distinct and separate individuals. One is very dark red, one is quite grey in places and today's newbie has a bright and pale tail tip.

You looking at me?

Whoops, dropped it.

Better go and find another one

(The artefacts on the pictures are snow, nasty wet, cold, heavy stuff. Fortunately it did not last)


  1. Simply wonderful pictures of that red squirrell! I'm still smiling! Thank you!

  2. I think the most important point to note is that there are more green dots than not. Whoopee!

    Oh, nice squirrel pictures too... {grin}

  3. That is so darn cute! Not so sure about the snow at this time of the year though. You've done much better than us for gardening, I think we may have had one green dot day, but then again maybe we didn't :o).

  4. What beautiful squirrels - not something we see a lot of here for some reason. I haven't seen any for ages.


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