Saturday, 20 February 2010

Super Saturday!

Photos will have to wait until tomorrow - too dark by the time we had finished to take any today.

Bed #6 is level and full of extremely well rotted cow muck, plus a good number of huge worms that were found in a particularly damp bit of the manure. I don't think they minded being relocated which is more than can be said for the small rodent which had obviously spent the winter happily nesting in the loose soil under the protection of a blue tarp. Mouse fled rapidly but the little s*d disappeared into a crevice at the edge of bed #4 - that's a hole which will be filled very solidly with gravel tomorrow.

Management worked hard with the paint sprayer and the greenhouse base now has its second and third coats of dark green Hammerite. It looks much better than the apple green Hammerite used for the undercoat - reminiscent of Tellytubby Land but that's what happens when you are a little bit too quick to press the 'buy it now' button when shopping online (but it was ludicrously cheap, cannot now been seen and therefore not really a problem).

Showered and clean clothes, WBS is happily rendering more leylandii into fine ash, and a busy evening in front of the DVD awaits ...


  1. Hope the DVD is good and look forward to pictures.

  2. Sounds like you had a really productive day. Hope the DVD's were just as good.

  3. Sounds very productive, hope you're not too stiff today! No gardening here, it snowed again last night ...

  4. As a friend of mine used to say, 'A busy day is a happy day' - it's what I call good tiredness.

  5. Thanks girls, it was a great day but the DVD didn't happen. I went to bed after supper . . . slept very well!

  6. Flum - oh yes, "good tiredness" is definitely happy tiredness, a lovely feeling which is why I'm a tad frustrated with the snow today!


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