Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Roosting spectacle

Travelling home at dusk on Tuesday, not sure how I had the camera in the car. As we drove through a nearby village we realised the sky was full of starlings getting ready to roost.

We watched an amazing spectacle as they swooped above our heads, flowing through the sky in a unified mass. As this caught us unawares we were in the wrong part of the village to get decent pictures and it had been a horribly grey day. Must go back when conditions are better.


  1. there's been a similarly amazing show near our house the last week. It's breathtaking against the right twilight sky and the flap of wings eerily loud. G got some footage but we missed capturing the real spectacle when they swooped out from behind the terraced row opposite and across our side of the house. We could have sworn there'd be casualties but the gracefully climbed at the last minute of course. Great photos Bilbo :o)

  2. I love seeing the starlings. It feels like something eventful is going to happen.


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