Sunday, 14 February 2010

Merlin the Magnificent

It says something about the quality of a longarm machine when it sits unused for the best part of six months but on a cold Saturday morning, after cleaning, oiling and running up gently for a few minutes it stitches so beautifully you have to keep stopping to check that "yes", this is really happening! From the very start the stitching was perfect, stitch length was consistent to the smallest possible part of a millimetre, everything so utterly amazing from the git go that, despite being completely out of practice, an entire quilt was completed in a day! (OK, I was physically wrecked at the end of it from all the standing up when I am not used to it, but that's not Merlin's fault.)

(when the first row sews this nicely, you know it's going to be a good quilt!)

I probably should not have bought a new longarm when we moved and the way this house swallows up money, I'm not sure we could really afford it but I have never for one tiniest fraction of a nanosecond regretted trading in the Gammill for this APQS Millenium. Granted my Gammill was a good one and never let me down but this is like having an Aston Martin when previous transport was a Ford ...

The St Louis Log Cabin top is now a quilt - I think this may get an award for taking so long. I started piecing in December 2007 whilst at the rented house but gave up pretty quickly because there wasn't room to work. I made a small amount of progress in August 2008 but it took until March 2009 to finish the top which has sat patiently for the best part of a year . . . I thought I had a blog post about the backing but that seems to exist only in my brain, it was created ages ago to try and use up some of the Fat Quarters and is pretty much a scrappy quilt in its own right.

Pattern: Feathered Curls, Willow Leaf Studio
Top Thread: Valdani Denim Light variegated, M46 (50wt)
Bobbin Thread: Superior Bottom Line, #632
Batting: Matilda's Own 60% Wool/40% Polyester

The quilt is not finished until it is trimmed, bound and labelled - wonder how long that will take?


  1. This quilts looks fantastic I love the colours!!! I know it's probably like riding a bike once learnt never forgotten and you are an exoert but it's good to see that all your work moving to the Lakes has not blunted your quilting and creative skills, looks great!! From one who barely knows one end of a needle from the other!! Sarum

  2. It is just beautiful. I love the quilt and the quilting. How marvellous too that Merlin didn't decide to sulk cos you hadn't played with him for so long.

  3. Looks lovely! I like the pattern .. a new one to me. Good choice of batting too! ... my fav.


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