Sunday, 28 February 2010

Happy Anniversary

Two Years.

Two whole wonderful, frustrating, tiring, emotional years since we finally moved all our baggage into Bag End and started life in our new home.

"Celebrated" in the usual way - a few cold and slightly muddy hours in the garden!

Decided it was probably more sensible and safer to fix this board in place before we are surrounded by acres of glass. The left-hand side will be the higher level with staging down both sides and the right-hand side will be lower and a great place to stand pots of tomato, cucumber and the like.

We'll gloss over the frustration of old tree roots being discovered just where I wanted to knock in a supporting stake and the very un-Hobbit-like bad language that accompanied a mini-tantrum along the lines of "why is nothing ever simple in this bluddy garden".

Quick and temporary cloche (two cages which used to protect bird food with horticultural fleece in between) to keep the worst of the weather off the strawberry plants whilst they get established in their pots.

Frustrations taken out on two large conifers - chainsaw time again! Two huge beasts in the bed between driveway and front of house:-

Have had their "back side" removed:

Very good timing because a neighbour's niece runs the local florist and will take away most of the greenery to use in flower arrangements. With Mother's Day just around the corner, she needs all the fresh foliage she can get.

Sadly, rain stopped play before I could get very far with digging out the ground on the driveway side of the wooden fence.

We are going to plant a new hedge using self-seeded Yew plants (although there aren't enough and will have to buy more). When established this will give a lovely evergreen screen for the potager and until then, the conifers on the bed next to the drive will provide the screening and protection. It doesn't matter that the conifers look awful, once the yew is big enough to provide screening, the triffids will be firewood.

A couple more roosting pouches and a lovely visitor midway through the afternoon.


  1. You are making so much progress! Look back at your 'two years ago' pictures.

    Yew makes a beautiful hedge. It does help when you have self sown plants to get you going too.

  2. you've worked so hard and achieved something wonderful creating your garden. I hope you put as much effort into celebrating ;o)

  3. Thanks girls, yes - I know we have done a lot but in typical Hobbit-mode, I wish we had made more progress! However, am pleased to have been out in the garden so much during February.

  4. Let me see: you have rendered dozens of light grabbing leylandii into several years' firewood, you've got eight raised beds andd the beginnings of your garden, not to forget installation of WBS and boiler and all of the other work done inside to sort out the mess you inherited.
    Not bad for two years' work I'd say. Yes you can always say that you could have done more, but I think you should find something bubbly and raise a glass to Bag End. Here's to the next two years!

  5. In two years you have performed a minor miracle and really transformed your garden. From afar it really feels like you've climbed the hill and are now heading back down the other side as there seems to be far more construction than destruction going on these days, if you know what I mean.

  6. I agree with the others - do take time to 'take stock' (preferrably with a glass of) of all the things that you have have achieved - it is a very long list, after all. Congrats to you both.

    Looking forward to seeing more g/h progress too - exciting stuff! More construction than distruction, for sure.

  7. Thank you to all! It does now feel like we might have turned a corner and can start to rebuild - Angela summed it up perfectly - time for construction rather than destruction.

    If only we could make so much progress inside - who knew it would be so impossible to find a decent plumber and joiner?


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