Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The greenhouse is here

Although it was another bitterly cold day I was outside just after lunch and despite working very slowly was able to finish the 7th raised bed! Happy day - only one more to go. I decided that I'm going to remove the uprights. They started as a good idea - permanent posts onto which I could fix netting, good way of ensuring the hose doesn't get dragged across a bed. However, because of the uneven ground, even when the posts are straight there is always one view or another which makes them look wonky and they're driving me nuts!

Made a start clearing weeds from the long bed next to the driveway uncovering a manhole cover which has been buried under soil for goodness knows how long.

Two years ago I cut this escallonia back down to the ground - it was already 4 foot tall again in places and had to go. Pruned it back to stumps which (hopefully) can be levered out with a winch or dragged out attached to a car?

And all this time - no greenhouse. Despite the greenhouse supplier having directions to find Bag End the office manage not to tell the driver . . . it's unnecessary incompetence and really ticks me off (although once I'd met the driver I reckon that any directions would have been a waste of time). Gave up at 5.45 - I'd been out for four hours, was cold, tired and needed supper and a bath. Was just about to get undressed when I heard the lorry outside - 6.45pm.

The glass, which I had been told must be kept upright, arrived horizontally on a pallet. The loud popping noise as the pallet reached the ground did nothing to improve the situation at which point he tells me "I ain't never delivered a greenhouse before" - although I know he has worked for the supplier for 15 years .... Things did not get better when he nearly ran his fork lift into a motorbike which Management has wrapped under a tarpauline.

the only photo I managed to take

It was too dark and too late to move the glass tonight, that will be my job first thing tomorrow.

The day didn't get better when I opened the boxes of g/h frame and tried to make sense of 32 pages of assembly instructions ....... I'm annoyed with myself for being annoyed about this, the greenhouse arriving should have been a lovely exciting event. Hey ho, this too shall pass.

Frustrated but trying not to be.


  1. {rolls eyes} Oh deary me... Whilst toughened glass is, well, tough stuff, a speck of trapped grit can apply just the pressure needed to shatter a pane. The jolt of the forklift didn't sound too good :(

    At least there's only one more bed to do - another job nearly out of the way.

    You know that in a couple of years' time that you will look back, think of all the hard work and know that it was worth it as your garden thrives.

  2. What a shame Bilbo, things can only improve from here on in! The instructions will make sense eventually, it just takes time. You'll probably find different sections of the frame in different boxes, so be careful not to open them all and mix them up!

  3. Yes, it's annoying, but at least you made some progress in the garden, and the greenhouse is at least there now. As for not making sense of the instructions, I guess my secret message to the company that you like doing jigsaw puzzles worked then? (giggle)

  4. Thanks James, {{rolls eyes}} just about sums it up. Actually, I am already able to look at what we've done and know it is worthwhile (well, on a good day that is!)

    SewAli, I'm going to let Management decipher the instruction book - he has Special Skills with this sort of thing.

  5. Quiltsue: oh, it's YOUR fault is it? Even though you have confessed I still may have to think of some subtle revenge {giggle}

  6. Oh heck! Some people gan take the gilt off your best day can't they? I hope no damage is done and you manage to enjoy the 'jigsaw' process.

  7. But at least it's here and safe and sound, now you have all the glass in the garage.

    Could have been worse he could have arrived when you were in the bath!!


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