Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dratted weather

Not what I wanted to see this morning:

Not surprised, it is what was forecast. Fortunately there isn't too much and I doubt it will last.

It's not cold enough out there for the ground to be frozen hard so it will be very muddy underfoot, probably best I keep off it for the day, grrrrr.

The greenhouse will be built with the door at the "uphill" end for two reasons, the primary one was to protect it from the prevailing wind but a secondary bonus is that it leaves me with the gable end facing the sun which means I can maximise space for cucumber, tomato, etc. The slope also means that headroom will be greater at that end which, if you've ever grown greenhouse cucumbers, you will know is A Good Thing!

Once the greenhouse is up I will dig out the ground inside to give me two levels with a step down. The trenches around the side were dug so that Management could paint all the steel, they will be filled in with gravel which will help drainage and hopefully make it more difficult for small rodents to dig their way in.


  1. Looks a decent size - what is it? Mines 6 x 10. NOT big enough!

  2. Hi Flummery, when "it" arrives, it will be an Elite Belmont, 16.5 x 8.5, and I am quite sure it will not be big enough either! Ordered from local stockist and made in Lancashire, that's as local as I could get {smile}

    Greenhouse space is very much like a fabric stash - however much you've got, you can always use more!

  3. It's going to be very posh when it's done, what colour will it be? Green to match the base, or wood? Very sensible going for a metal base, we'll definitely look into that if/when we move the small greenhouse.

  4. We've ordered the g/h in power coated green. Won't be exactly the same colour as the base but any green is OK in a garden {grin}.

    The mftr sell a metal base to bolt onto a concrete foundation onto which you fix the g/h and that's where we got the idea for a big steel frame. Much cheaper than all the digging out and levelling which would have been required for concrete.

  5. Does this mean that I might yet get the "opportunity" to help erect it?

    Glad to see another outstanding raised bed has bitten the dust. Nearly there!

  6. Yes James! It arrives tomorrow and weather permitting, we want to assemble next weekend. Failing that, weekend after - can you be here and what would you like for supper?

  7. Beds looking solid and level and FABULOUS, and you know how extremely jealous I will be of the g/h! Bet you can't wait!

  8. Thanks Hazel, I am equally jealous of your lottie and veggie knowledge. If you like, you can have g/h visiting rights whenever you want {giggle}


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