Thursday, 18 February 2010

Blogging Friends

A couple of generations ago it was considered quite normal to have close friendships with "pen pals" whom one might never ever meet. So why is it that some people sneer at the friendships made online, why are those friendships not considered as real and valid as those made with people you physically see every week?

Mrs Pao recently sent me this gorgeous "care package" - because I made her and Mr Pao laugh! Thank you kiddo, you are way too generous.

As I confine my blogging experiences mainly to sites devoted to gardening or sewing I don't find it unusual to witness this sort of thing, perhaps it's just that gardeners and quilters are really nice people?


  1. I think sewing and gardening are occupations which only nice people do. As for yesterday's challenge, I was a bit tied up with getting ready for today's silk paper making, which went well by the way. So I think one of the mountains could be Great Cockup! which of course, the course today was not, everyone was most complimentary

  2. Glad you liked it. Just about to go out for a tidy up in the garden :)

  3. Maybe it's because gardeners and craftspeople are prepared to put time into their hobby. When you aren't out the the quick fix yourself you have time to notice other people.


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