Monday, 22 February 2010

Another day which didn't go as planned

Plan: as snow put paid to working on the raised beds on Sunday, as soon as the frost has thawed, get outside and do some more.

Plan is a four*letter*word.

Actual: remember I had forgotten to order a rainwater kit for the greenhouse. Phone Elite and explain I am stupid. Superb staff fix problem, add guttering to delivery for tomorrow and during conversation I find that the information I'd been given about how the glass will arrive is wrong.

Rats . . .

This is a big greenhouse, there is a LOT of glass, large sheets of toughened stuff which will take far more space than the amount cleared in the garage yesterday.

Spent all afternoon re-arranging the garage ...

I've taken out everything that could cope with getting cold and possibly damp and put it in the Log Store, which has gone from being 75% empty to nearly full. Loads of other stuff has been moved around, removers' blankets ready, leather gloves because I'm bound to end up moving some of it myself, and of course, poor Management will be heading down the M6 and missing all the fun.

The only place for the large boxes of greenhouse frame will be the dining room and hallway (where else?).


  1. Errr ... in the garden? As long as you have the assembly instructions out the box, it doesn't matter if it all gets wet, it's all going to live outdoors anyway surely? It's the basis we worked on anyway :o).

  2. SewAli, it will be SO much more fun having to climb over all of it to get from the sitting room to the kitchen {gg}, but the real reason is so that we can sort out and identify all the bits and get a head start when the weather allows us to start assembly.

  3. A greenhouse in the dining room? Original anyway.

    As for that 4-letter word, I thought you'd given up on making them...........

  4. A greenhouse in the dining room

    reducing food miles?

  5. Just don't erect it in there - you'll never get it out the door!

    You'll be so glad to have it. I'd hate to do without mine.

  6. Oh, good point Flummery ...... giggling!

    I am REALLY looking forward to having it, do you remember how much fun I had with that lovely wooden one for the last couple of years in Hampshire?


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