Thursday, 14 January 2010

Local Tourist: Whitehaven Harbour

Last Saturday was gearing up to be a typically domestic day involving a trip to the supermarket and other household delights, however, as I was driving out of the village, Management told me he had read about Whitehaven Harbour being frozen over. Our plans were immediately changed and we were rewarded with this:

A wonderful trip out wandering around on an extremely cold but bright day and walking along the walls to the very outside of the harbour from where we could see both the Isle of Man (with a snow clad Snaefell) and Scotland (with surprisingly little snow on Criffel).

Biting cold required hot rations and we enjoyed a superb lunch in the Beacon Cafe before more ambling around.

I don't think the swan meant to land like this; skidded, looked stupid for a while, and then nonchalantly wandered off across the ice.

With both a maritime and mining history, Whitehaven is definitely a place to spend more time investigating - but preferably when it is a bit warmer!


  1. It looks beautiful, and the photography is superb.

  2. Look out for the Whitehaven maritime festival in June. We went when Husband had his arm in a sling after falling over a cliff so walking was out of the question. It was a lovely experience (the maritime festival, not Husband falling over cliff!). Obviously now we LIVE near enough, we'll be going again . Rachel

  3. Dear CB,
    you're definitely going to have to tell us the full story tomorrow night. BTW, did he fall on his head {giggle}


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