Thursday, 14 January 2010

Big freeze visitors

Not surprisingly we have had avian visitors by the flock-load during the cold weather.

The Fieldfare have stayed, stripped every single cotoneaster berry from the garden and discovered a taste for sunflower seed hearts.

Management is waiting for them to leave. He says he thought Blackbirds were territorial and could be aggressive but until you've seen a manic Fieldfare defending the area where it is feeding you ain't seen nothing! The blackies have, however, held court over the water trays and watching them bathe each day when the temperature has been well below zero has surprised us.

(a montage of 20+ shots put together as a slideshow, click on arrow to play)

We had a pair of pretty Yellowhammer visit for a few days, it would be lovely if they became regulars. Numerous Chaffinch too.

I may not like them much, but even the pigeons have to eat

As do the Sparrowhawk, not captured by camera but often seen streaking through the garden in search of a meal.

It is hard to portray just HOW MANY birds have been feeding at Bag End since Christmas. This picture doesn't clearly show the numerous Chaffinch on the soil behind the logs or the equal numbers over to the left where I have cast more food on the ground. Spreading it out goes some way to reducing the squabbles and minimising stress for these hungry visitors.

Finally, this darling chap (or chapess?). The darker of the two squirrel who come here every day to feed and drink


  1. We haven't yet had a fieldfare but my sister, maybe 400 yds away, most definitely has. I love your squirrel!

  2. Nice to see the fieldfare staying on and increasing the species count at Bag End. As for the pretty yellowhammers, wow - they do add a burst of colour!

    As for the squirrel...{jealous}

  3. Great pictures.

    No wonder you are going through so much food.

  4. Cheers guys. James, would you rather I didn't tell you about the six Yellowhammer I just counted? (no photo, they weren't close enough together)

  5. such an amazing variety of feathered friends in your garden. I don't know my birds very well but G named your yellowhammer from a glance across the room. And your red squirrel is still a sight for sore eyes to us city dwellers.

  6. Thanks Nic, delighted to report that the Yellowhammer is now a regular visitor, albeit a very timid one.


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