Monday, 18 January 2010

Be careful what you wish for

I wanted rid of the snow, and between Friday night and Saturday morning my wish came true. One of the biggest storms since we have lived here, and no huge screen of Leylandii to protect us or the house. At one point I thought the bedroom window was going to blow in, not much sleep that night.

I think we got off extremely lightly seeing as the only damage was the cheap, temporary log store screen.

Our view changed from this

to this

and the water level in the Derwent rose more than 2 feet in less than 24 hours.

This van was washed downstream during the November floods and for nearly all the time since, has been barely visible. However, during the cold spell the water level has dropped steadily and this is how much of it could be seen on Thursday. Now its roof it barely breaking the surface.


  1. I am still amazed that the van is still there after all this time. I suppose all the fuel and lubricants have long since been washed out and done their damage further downstream.

    You don't need me to tell you that now is a good time to start planting that native hedging and wishing it to grow very quickly to get you some shelter back {grin}

  2. James, I think the van is stuck where it is because of a newly formed shingle bank in the middle of the channel, partly visible in the left foreground of that shot.

  3. The windows might have been rattling but I bet you weren't lying in bed dreading one of those many trees coming down on you.

  4. Absolutely right Angela, and it is worth all the mess and hard work dealling with the timber just to have that worry go away.

  5. Looking at the front of the woodstore now, & thinking back to your comment from earlier in the week...

    The rush is holding up well, a couple of bits of wire have broken where the wind caught it but generally it is doing OK given how cheap it was.

    Oops - spoke too soon!

    No, that's unfair - given the weather chucked at them this winter, they've done their job pretty well. Were they cheap enough to be thought of as an annual expense, or do you have your thinking cap on for alternatives?

  6. Cheers Hazel, they were dead cheap - Wilkos were having a sale and delivered them for free as well {grin}.

    I'd like something more substantial for future years, and by next winter we'll have a garden shed in front of the log store which will give a bit of shelter. Right now it's a blue tarpauline and fingers crossed we don't have too much wind before I work out a way of fixing it more securely.

  7. I looked at the van, and thought--I hope they don't find a body in it! I think I've watched too much TV! And if you want pictures of snow---check my blog--LOL!!

    And while you're paging back, I stole the crown jewels. Mostly just the sapphires!!

    And yes, the snow is still here, has melted enough to form a crust on the big piles, but not warm enough to melt it!


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