Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wet, wet, wet

I am officially completely fed up with rain, it almost feels like I can't remember when I last accomplished anything in the garden it was so long ago. OK, bit of an exaggeration but that is what it seems like. I read somewhere today that it has rained for 41 out of the last 50 days and if the latest forecast is anything to go by it will soon be 42 days out of 51. I shall let someone else keep records like these - it is far too depressing to do it myself.

And I can't sleep, again. Probably for the 12th night out of 14 . . . and I'm not going to keep track of that either, but it is as good a time as any to make further inroads into the JPG backlog.

It wasn't like this in June. Nope, in June we had sunbathing - lots of it and none of it by silly humans who want to damage their skin. The sun worshippers in question were avian.

This baby blackbird sat for hours with its wings outstretched, I was sure the Sparrowhawk would get it.

And after the sunbathing, a good scratch.

The young Jackdaws were at it too.

One theory for this behaviour is that it helps get rid of tiny parasites on the feathers - or maybe the birds just like the feel of the sun on their backs?

Never saw the finches indulging - too busy eating.


  1. It's really soggy here too. Even when, as today, the sun is out and the sky blue, it rained all night and is due to rain again in a few hours. I can't believe how fervently I wished for rain over the summer!

  2. Soggy here, too. I sure love the pictures of those birds. You've got yourself a little wild kingdom going on!

  3. Thank you for that June sunshine - lovely!

  4. ''It's raining it's pouring and Bilbo is not snoring.''
    I don't recommend going to bed and bumping your head though to fix the sleepless nights!
    Lovely to have summer pics to look back on, thanks for sharing them


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