Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009

Goodbye 2009, I am very tempted to add "and good riddance".

New Year's Eve, the traditional time to look back on the previous 12 months; I don't want to look back too closely, there is much in this year which still hurts far too much and I want to move on.

Five months after saying goodbye I still have difficulty in thinking about Ollie without tearing up, perhaps I am stupid but I didn't know it was going to hurt quite this much. Who needs Voldemort to learn how to make a Horcrux? I can tell you without hesitation how to tear a piece out of your soul.

And then there was 19th November - the 1,000 year flood which devastated our small town. Cockermouth will recover but goodness knows how long it will take. Only one of the closed bridges has re-opened and getting anywhere in west Cumbria can be frustrating and time consuming. I've "celebrated" New Year's Eve by deleting ALL the photographs I took of the damage. I will not publish them, it is not how I want people to think of the Lake District and I do not want to look at them again.

We have made some house progress in 2009 - we have a new boiler which (hopefully) is consuming far less gas than the old one and all that insulation is having an effect. In the sub-zero temperatures that we've experienced over the last two weeks the house has never felt really cold and we don't need the heating on nearly all the time as we did last winter. The wood burning stove is an absolute joy and some progress has been made in the garden.

For the first time in 14 years I can go to bed when I want tonight rather than have to stay up past midnight and explain to Ollie that he doesn't have to shout the house down every time a firework goes off outside. Thankfully he was not frightened of fireworks (one night, when in desperation I opened a window so that he could see them, he watched the rockets with delighted fascination - and much less barking) but he did feel the need to make as much noise as possible to tell me there were explosions outside.

Another year has passed with very little quilt making . . . thankfully my fabric stash does not have a "use by" date on it and after much messing about with EQ6 over the last month, pulling of fabrics and cogitation, I now know what quilt I am going to make next and am looking forward to it.

The penultimate blog post of 2009 and the final lovely sunset.


  1. What a lovely picture of Ollie over your fireplace.

    An eventful year for you which I'm sure over time you will view more positively but here's to a much happier 2010 for you.

  2. I believe our lovely Cumbria will bounce back and be even better than any of us could have hoped; it's all down to people power. Meanwhile have a comfy New Year by your fireside, we are off to the Market Square in Keswick to freeze I expect. I hope the Dog and Gun is still doing mulled wine!

  3. Happy wishes for a lovely 2010 to you and yours. It gets better, honestly. I still think of my beloved Jessie (1988 to 2004 rip) almost daily, but these days with a special grin. I'll do a blog about her one of these days. Happy New Year!!! :)

  4. May 2010 be better than last year for you. I promise, you will get to the time when the memories are happy, not hurty, and Cumbria will bounce back, and the garden will continue to become what you want it to, and you will make a quilt!

  5. This is lovely!! One of my favorite posts of all time. Thank you - and may 2010 be good to you.


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